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31 Mar

Hello everyone this is my first blog so excuse me if i don’t quite have the hang of it. I wanted to share a new singer, not just any young lady but a 13 year old Brit who is set to take over the world. My discovery all started about last November time – found Tallia Storm through a friend on Facebook. She looked kinda cool, the big afro like hair (except she’s white), cool style and from looking at her youtube vids, pretty impressive. I did laugh at one when it first popped up as it looked like a handycam shot in her front room. However about 30 seconds into the song i was quick to realise this ‘little lady’ as her website describes is was awesome. Think a teenage Jill Scott (my mum loves Jill Scott and was super impressed when I showed Tallia to her). Over the next few weeks she did gigs in shopping malls, even read she did a gig at London Fashion Week. New tracks were posted and the likes were going up – she was clearly moving and grooving. Then xmas comes and she comes back and shares her news with the world – well the British media did that. She was on holiday with her family in Hawaii (not bad for some) saw Sir Elton John’s partner (some guy called David) and went up to him with a letter and CD. Next day the main man calls her on her cell – yikes – can you believe it? I wonder what Elton’s voice sounded like on a cell? Anyway, according to Brit press, he tells her she’s amazing, awes0me, fabulous – all that stuff and next thing she is supporting him on his UK tour date in a place called ‘Falkirk Football Stadium’ (wherever that is…). I would lying if I said i wasn’t insanely jealous – especially after she launched her new website soon after – but then jealousy is good if managed and as long as there is real talent there, we can accept that and help people like Tallia on her journey. So I decided I would become her no 1 fan – even although she is 1000’s of miles away. My reward will be when she is really super big (which clearly with that vibe) she is going to be, I can lay claim and maybe she’s invite me backstage or something. But right now, people around the world, lets get behind Miss Tallia, – persuade her to move to the US as clearly that’s where he voice belongs. Forget those over processed songs that thump thump thump with tweaked voices an all, it’s time for some real music by a real singer. But who on earth it would have come from Scotland…lets hope we don’t see her in a kilt – would totally spoil it- that’s all I’m saying. So check her out and let me know your thoughts!